kathleen braiding twisted hair


I was was born in 1959, fifth of seven children raised in the country in a small town north of Toronto, Ontario. Surrounded by woods, creeks and meadows impacted my world at a young age, and in a profound way. No matter the season, there was a way for me to interact with nature that continues to inspire me today and is reflected in my unique art form.

My appreciation of life, my heart connection to nature and my love for Mother Earth is deeply manifested in my work. I honour animals by creating art that reflects Earths Beauty, the majesty of Mother Earth who births and sustains them.

Crafting leather is the evolution of my artistic expression. I love the challenge of creating and crafting leather landscapes and designs inspired by nature.

“I grew up in the country. I swear I could climb trees before I could walk”. It is this love and knowledge of nature and my lifetime connection to it that I echo in my work and makes my leather art so unique.



Midnight Garden 2023


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