kathleen braiding twisted hair
My name is Kathleen Elizabeth and I am thrilled to introduce you to my unique leather landscapes and designs inspired by Nature.

For years I have explored my talents, skills and abilities using fabric,paints and other mediums. Leather is what inspires me.

It has taken years to accumulate the variety of colours, the unique textures, the fabulous leather and suede that makes my voice in art unique. I am very proud to offer these gems to you to enjoy.

I create from a space within me that calls for a voice, a reflection, an image that comes alive! I carefully determine and embrace the colours and textures for each piece that I envision. My art is warm and inviting. Needing no glass to hold back its beauty, let it bring delight and beauty into your home.

I honour the gifts of Mother Earth by gleaning her beauty and creating artwork that reflects her landscapes, her colours, her magnificence and her charms.

I honour the Give-away of animals by using their hides to replicate the images and designs of Earth Mother who sustained them and gave them life.

I glean the Moon and Stars and offer them to you in all their magnificence and power. Hang it or keep it beside your bed, make a wish on that shooting star or that collection of lights. Reflect on your day and dream for tomorrow.

Thank you,
Kathleen Elizbeth

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